An unforgettable experience for your employees

There are times in the year when you want to give your employees something more, to say thank you, to build team spirit, to make them feel part of the organization and build motivation.  This can be in an employee appreciation event, organized trips or parties, social gatherings and more.

When deciding on the best format for an unforgettable experience, you don’t need  to be Google or Facebook. Do it yourself by carefully selecting the best and most unique attractions and activities – and Lior Suchard’s mind-blowing mentalism feats will help you hit the nail right on the head!

Lior Suchard – the world’s leading and most accomplished master mentalist creates an unforgettable, original and  totally engaging experience for your employees, one that fills them with wonder, makes them think and shows them how much you appreciate them.

This isn’t a regular show– it’s an out of this world experience

We know how difficult it can be to think of new ideas for company events, especially if your employees have already experienced everything. We want you to open your mind and allow Lior Suchard to provide you and your employees with an unforgettable, unique and fascinating experience – a mentalist experience like nothing you have ever seen.

Using cutting edge mentalist skills and techniques, his unparalleled understanding of how the human mind works, skillful manipulation of thoughts and his amazing stage presence, Lior creates an amazing, unique show and experience that will astound you. A mentalist experience that only Lior Suchard can provide. A show full of humor, excitement and specially adapted for your needs.

Lior is a natural performer and mentalist expert with outstanding “extra sensory” powers that enthrall his audience. Employees at his show are an integral part of Lior’s extraordinary and entertaining show as he engages them with his amazing acts. In fact, audience involvement is a central part of Lior’s show which is interlaced with large doses of humor. His mentalist acts and audience interaction are expertly and exactly adapted to the nature of your organization and the goals of your event.

Join leading, global organizations and brands and give your employees the complete Suchard experience

Lior Suchard is the most famous and most respected mentalist in the world of mentalism, with a career including performances on some of the most famous stages and venues in the world, on top TV shows and before audiences of the rich and famous.

Take your place alongside many other leading organizations and brands, Hollywood and international celebrities, the most famous prime-time TV shows, international statesmen and opinion makers, and international CEO’s – all of whom were left amazed and dazzled during, and after, one of Lior Suchard’s mind-blowing shows.

Invite Lior Suchard to your company event. Let him give your employees an unforgettable experience, one that will raise the bar in terms of your investment in them, and its quality and enjoyment.